Bullionfield Hall

Invergowrie's Village Hall

46 Main Street


We are reopening on Monday 17th!

In line with national rules and guidance, we will be opening up again on Monday 17th May 2021. This all depends on how the rules change, of course. For the time-being, we will be hosting organised groups only. Parties will probably have to wait until next year.

As last time we re-opened, you cannot simply show up to join a group. Please contact the group organiser in advance to make a booking. Contact details are on this page.

While you are in the Hall, please obey the social distancing rules (which can be larger than the 2m we are used to, for certain activities). Also, facemasks must be worn while entering, leaving, or moving around the building for any other reasons apart from actually taking part in your activity.

We have spaced some bookings out a bit so that there should be no one coming in as you leave. Normally you can continue to come and go through the main entrance, but where groups are still a bit close together or for other reasons, a one-way system might apply: in through the main door and out through the fire escape at the back. Your group leader will know what you need to do.

Please do not turn up for your activity early so that this will work!

We are as keen as anyone else to see things return to normal as soon as possible. Please help by following your group leader's instructions. But of course, however careful we are, there may be restrictions reimposed at short notice so keep in touch with your group leader to be sure that your session is taking place.

Finally, to help group leaders, we have a new, lower rate that will apply to new and existing bookings during these restrictions. See the Pricing page for details. We have done this because your income from your activity is likely to be reduced and your expenses could be higher. The charitable purpose of the Hall is to maximise its use for the benefit of the community. We can only do this with the help of third parties like yourselves and we are keen to help your activity be economically viable. The Hall's funds have been severely depleted by the past year of restrictions and closures, but we still have a reasonable financial buffer, so we expect to be able to maintain this "for the duration". But of course especially in these weird times, everything is subject to change.

If you have any questions, the person to talk to is your group leader. But you can also contact anyone on the Hall Board - this is easiest done through the bookings@bullionfieldhall.org.uk email address, which is monitored by Kim.

Kim has been in touch with all the group leaders, but can we remind them to follow our Covid-19 rules and guidance!

About the Hall

Bullionfield Hall is located at 46 Main Street in Invergowrie. There are many activities taking place every week but if you can't find what you are looking for, perhaps you could organise your own? You can also book the Hall for one-off events such as children's birthday parties, ceilidhs, fund-raisers, etc. We have a capacity of 130 people and have a Performing Rights Society licence for the playing of music.

Bullionfield Hall has been been part of Invergowrie life since the 1940s. Officially called Bullionfield Recreation Club, it was founded to provide sporting and social facilities to people in and around Invergowrie. Originally it ran a number of sports teams which competed successfully in many local leagues and contests. Nowadays, the focus is more on providing space for people to run their own groups and to host parties and other events.

The Hall is run by a small group of volunteers who give up a little of their time for the benefit of Invergowrie. We meet 10 times a year and hand out tasks according to the time we have available. It would be great if you could join us - even if all you have time for is to add an extra opinion on how the Hall should progress. If you run or attend one of the regular groups, then it would be your chance to make sure that the things which matter to you get considered properly. Get in touch with any of us - see the Contacts page.

Regular Activities

These are the regular groups who are in the Hall most weeks. Most have said they plan to restart soon. Check the calendar on the Bookings page to check the times and to make sure they are here this week (some groups follow the school terms, most at least break for the main holidays). If you want to join any of them, contact the group directly. For the time being, you may not simply come along when they are here.

Times may have changed since you last checked, and may change again, so keep an eye on the information available.

24 Fitcamp

Run by Kim. Get fit! Contact Kim on 07795288331

Highland Dancing

Contact Charlotte Matthew on charlotte_54@hotmail.com or by phoning 07740547776.


Kim has several different flavours of Zumba for you - there must be one for you! Contact Kim on 07795288331 £4 a class.


This one is run by the Hall itself! Email Vanessa Young for details.

Tayside Ballet

These classes for school-aged children seem to be getting more popular every year. Find out more by emailing taysideballet@live.co.uk.


Find out more by emailing Ruth Young on ruth_36@hotmail.co.uk.