Bullionfield Hall

Invergowrie's Village Hall

46 Main Street


Fire doors and floor repainting

Those who have visited the Hall recently will have noticed the new firedoors and also that the floor of the James Stewart Hall has been repainted. I hope you feel the closure while these were carried out was worth it!

Reorganisation Update

We have completed our reorganisation and are now operating as a new Scottish Charitable Incoprorated Organisation, or SCIO. The main effects of this are:

  • A new charity number: SC047309
  • A new bank account - so please check that you are paying in to the new account. The details are on the invoices for regular users.
  • Protection from personal liability for the members of the committee (or the Trustees of the Board as it is in SCIO terminology).

We give our thanks the Trustees of the old charity (established in 1966, though I don't think any of the Trustees at the end were Trustees at the start...).

We will be holding an AGM in September and will be asking for new Trustees for the Board. A good proportion of the current Board are intending on retiring then, having spent many years on the old charity's committee. It is time for fresh faces and minds.

About the Hall

Bullionfield Hall is located at 46 Main Street in Invergowrie. There are many activities taking place every week but if you can't find what you are looking for, perhaps you could organise your own? You can also book the Hall for one-off events such as children's birthday parties, ceilidhs, fund-raisers, etc. We have a capacity of 130 people and have a Performing Rights Society licence for the playing of music.

Bullionfield Hall has been been part of Invergowrie life since the 1940s. Officially called Bullionfield Recreation Club, it was founded to provide sporting and social facilities to people in and around Invergowrie. Originally it ran a number of sports teams which competed successfully in many local leagues and contests. Nowadays, the focus is more on providing space for people to run their own groups and to host parties and other events.

The Hall is run by a small group of volunteers who give up a little of their time for the benefit of Invergowrie. We meet 10 times a year and hand out tasks according to the time we have available. It would be great if you could join us - even if all you have time for is to add an extra opinion on how the Hall should progress. If you run or attend one of the regular groups, then it would be your chance to make sure that the things which matter to you get considered properly. Get in touch with any of us - see the Contacts page.

Regular Activities

These are the regular groups who are in the Hall most weeks. Check the calendar on the Bookings page to check the times and to make sure they are here this week (some groups follow the school terms, most at least break for the main holidays). If you want to join any of them, contact the group directly or come along when they are are here.

Box Soccer

A national franchised operation delivering soccer coaching to your children. See their website for details: www.boxsoccertraining.com.

Highland Dancing

Contact Charlotte Matthew on charlotte_54@hotmail.com or by phoning 07740547776.


Kim has several different flavours of Zumba for you - there must be one for you! Contact Kim on 07795288331 £3.50 a class.

  • Zumba Fitness
  • Zumba Gold - For active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves at a lower-intensity.
  • Zumba Circuits

Over 50s Ballet

The Over-50s Ballet Classes run in 10-12 week terms. They are organised by CACE, so phone them, email them go to their online shop to book.


This one is run by the Hall itself! Email Vanessa Young for details.

Indoor Bowling

Another one run by the Hall itself - and this one is the longest-running activity in the Hall! No contact for this group though - just pop along and say hello.

Maxwelltown Ringcraft Club

Fancy joining in with local dog shows or even standing on the green carpet at Crufts with your special four legged friend? Maxwelltown Ring Craft aim to provide a facility where people interested in showing their dogs can meet, give and receive ideas, guidance, and practice what they (and their dogs) have learnt in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Classes are on a Wednesday from 7.30pm-9pm. Find us on Facebook or call Liana - 07768168576

Dundee Alsatian and Training Club

Turn your uncontrollable puppy (any breed, not just alsatians) into an obedient friend by calling 07717 153763

Tayside Ballet

These classes for school-aged children seem to be getting more popular every year. Find out more by emailing taysideballet@live.co.uk.