Bullionfield Hall

Invergowrie's Village Hall

46 Main Street


Plans for the Hall's Future

The management Committee have big plans to make Bullionfield Hall an even better community facility for parties, events and sports in Invergowrie. Local architect Andrew Black has surveyed the building and helped us put together some proposals for what we could do. Now we need to hear from you. You use the Hall: have a look at the information below and then tell us what you think. What would you like to see changed or added? What do you like about the proposals so far? Would any of the initial proposals actually make your experience of the Hall worse? We want to know! This is a once-in-a-generation chance to reinvent the Hall. It can only happen with the support of our members and users.

Email your feedback to The Secretary or post on our Facebook page. Or leave a note to the Committee in the Hall or simply tell us when you next see us. Use semaphore and smoke signals if you must - just let us know what you think. We're starting to look into where we can get the money from, but we won't be able to get far without hearing from you.

So, what are we proposing? The most visible changes are:

  • Make the door into the Main Hall larger and move it to line up with the main entrance door. This will make it much easier to get bouncy castles and other equipment in and out of the Hall.
  • To do that, we will move the staircase so that it goes up on the left side as you enter.
  • And that means we will have to move the wall between the kitchen and the entrance hall, to make room. It means the kitchen will be a bit smaller, but we think it will still be plenty big enough.
  • Remodel the toilets so that they are all in the general area of the current ladies' and accessible toilets. This will be especially welcome to the gents (whose current facilities ... well, you just don't want to go in there!) We will make room by extending into the entrance hall as far as the arch-y things.
  • Replace the floor in the Main Hall with something better suited to the varied uses it is put to. Which means attractive-looking for a party and robust enough for sports.
  • Improve the lighting throughout, so that parties no longer feel like they are being flood-lit.
  • Improve the heating and insulation so that we can get the place cosy in winter without making the energy companies quite so rich.
  • A new equipment store in the Main Hall
  • And a whole bunch of repairs to the building structure so that it will still be here to pass on to the next generation.
You can see the architect's drawing here (you may need Adobe Reader or similar to read this). He has also produced a couple "artist's impressions" here and here.